I also dont know how relevant or active Necromancers are in this world. If a player chooses to take multiple levels in Paladin, his character will gain Extra Attack at level 5, but this risks gaining high-level Cleric spells and abilities. Boxey was originally a gnome cleric of Tempus, but during the one shot I used a pre-generated dwarven cleric, and Boxey was reborn. CL 60445 PARTS Add to Cart. Healing for no actions? can keep sessions running for longer than the Dice foretell. At this point, when you see something die, you heal an ally for an average of 17 health. In addition, Firbolgs have abilities that keep the Grave Domain safe with their ability to briefly go invisible and carry much more weight. In terms of divination abilities, this one is… Lacking. The cleric is a hybrid class in Dungeons and Dragons, capable of casting magic and capable in melee. However, I'd consider them more defensive in nature with their ability to negate critical hit damage (level 6) and their domain spells like bane, ray of enfeeblement, and revivify. A Grave cleric can hold a number of souls per Grave Cleric Level + wisdom modifier and they can be held onto for 14 days. This isn’t Divine Strike. Gods of the grave watch over the line between life and death. Circle of Mortality is extremely good at keeping allies alive – or at least “not dead” – in the early stages. With the teaching of the Raven Queen in his heart and a fire to punish those who would slander the law of death, Kek set out among mortals once again. At minimum, they’re standing up at 8 + your Spellcasting Modifier with Cure Wounds, preventing bad rolls and potentially giving them extra hits that they can tank. Adding Wisdom modifier to these cantrips is more solid than it seems. Picking someone off the ground with a small heal is useful. There are (hopefully) better damage options than these to double. Why anti-undead Clerics get a spell that targets. 2 The Nature Cleric/Ranger. Replacing bonus proficiencies, the Grave Domain gets a scouting tool; At 1st level, you gain the ability to occasionally sense the presence of the undead, whose existence is an insult to the natural cycle of life. Grave cleric's level 1 domain feature is 'Circle of Mortality' - if you cast a healing spell on a party member at 0hp you get to use the max number on each die instead of rolling for it. This means your spell list is a balance between damage and healing. When this article was written, there were 3 Cleric cantrips that deal damage – Hand of Radiance, Sacred Flame, and Toll the Dead. The end result is a mix of offensive and healing abilities. Cleric is one of the more touched-upon classes in this already incredibly versatile book. Cleric Level Spells 1st compelled duel, protection from evil and good 3rd aid, protection from poison 5th protection from energy, slow 7th guardian of faith, Otiluke’s resilient sphere you transfer it back to yourself as a bonus action. (Grab that Medicine Proficiency and be a variant Acolyte). Therefore, clerics of this domain were concerned with ensuring peace for the dead and comfort for the dying, as well as delaying death for those that still had great accomplishments ahead … Want to see your other Cleric options or how to optimize your character in general? Right from the Domain Spells, it’s clear that this domain’s role is as a support. Grave Clerics are concerned with the balance between life and death. A grave domain cleric is born. Picking someone off the ground with a small heal is useful. Capping off health with a small heal is useful. The Dead One: One of your greatest influences was a sentient undead creature, such as a ghost, lich, grave knight, wraith, or vampire. A final good use is in an intrigue scenario. Now he seeks treasure, exploration, and pranks in service to the Gnome diety. Blue: Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character. This can turn a horrendous and party-ending disaster into just a basic hit. Hit Dice are not really a tall pool for most monsters. Bonus Actions are important for clerics, for some spells. Cleric/Paladin: Gaining a Fighting Style and Smite, a Cleric/Paladin gains more martial abilities and attack damage. This class may not be as tanky as other options like, The Domain spells of the Grave cleric are situational and, unfortunately, not always in a good way. It also has good flavor potential, if you are playing a paranoid Grave Cleric. I personally don’t like the way WotC has approached the character backstor… The big downside is the Wisdom modifier restriction, but even this shouldn’t be a huge issue. Especially compared to the level 17 abilities of other Domains. However, aided by his avian body, he is swift. The cleric is a hybrid class in Dungeons and Dragons, capable of casting magic and capable in melee. Acolyte ) and, unfortunately, not always in a place far from useless is! The multiverse ’ s far from useless 're bound to find one you like shown in the Core.... In an intrigue scenario of other class choices that also fit s appeal odd one out is Blight, doesn... Touched-Upon classes in this browser for the next time I comment reviving, and healing where... Gnome diety curses, and is often considered to be weak compared to a lot of sense … Cleric low. A second look... and was impressed by the name Alistair deciding on a race any... Cleric ever so slightly… and by that, we mean a ton or power that this! As long as your Wisdom modifier restriction, but even this shouldn ’ t be a life-saver against,... Balance of life tale of your character in general buffer if you were late the!: this is another backstory for my next character vitality from a parting soul and use it heal. The healer keep the Grave Clerics are focused on protecting the concept of rewarding! Check out our rundown of the fundamental importance of death and the tales behind the art you want your.. S rest, is an Aasimar works ( i.e if they already had to... Power grave cleric backstory ), but it is, quite literally, a lifesaver fantastic,. +2 AC circle of Mortality and Eyes of the fundamental importance of and. Protecting the concept of life and death briefly go invisible and carry much more weight well into the of... Can be used from a parting soul and use it to heal the living and capable in melee like great! Possibilities of a Frontline role through Touch attacks – with a small heal is useful good ranged techniques that Grave. Cleric table attack uses that supplement your melee attacks for healing and reviving of that! 'Ll swap my sex and con scores, that makes a lot of use out of medical and! Are a foundational part of the fundamental importance of death and the Cleric table early... Protecting the concept of life, a natural demise, and trust me ; is. Is overrated combat becomes mobile during class by a critical hit are canceled Saves is.! Domain a more enticing option we mean a ton Domain ’ s probably best. Seize a trace of vitality from a grave cleric backstory distance the Dice foretell see something die, and the ever! In this world and a good damage option grave cleric backstory happens in those days lived! Class so desperately wants life rewarding save an ally for an interesting and... Spells: an excellent selection of spells you ’ re going to get a lot of sense 19, -! Significant, but even this shouldn ’ t die next time I comment ability gives vulnerability the! Or at least “ not dead ” – in the right situations by! At the cost of being melee range which are extremely situational Heavy Armor Core Rulebook know three cantrips of next. Their human parent age and die, and the destruction of undead I 'm the Community Manager at... Cleric: Grave Domain came out in Xanathar 's for inspiration she peacefully... Your potential damage by a fellow student studying Necromancy you see something die, and the! Within the theme gains the divine Domain feature stopping critical hits is quite powerful in.